Adult Services

Collaboration and Not Dictation

Adults face stressors aligned with career, educational, personal, spiritual, emotional, behavioral, relational, familial, marital, parental, and judicial obstacles. The challenges of transitioning into adulthood, along with the multiple stages of maturity, can be taxing. Personal traumatic experiences or exposure to trauma impacts everyone differently; however, society expects you to cope and proceed onward due to your responsibilities or obligations. In some cases, this is easier said than done.

If you struggle with dealing with any of the previously listed stressors and want assistance from a professional who is empathic and can assist you with reinventing your narrative, please consider scheduling an appointment, so we can begin the journey of rewriting the ending to your story.

Why Thy X My Therapeutic Services LLC?


"I advocate and seek to give voice for all of my clients who may not have the expertise, information, awareness, motivation, strength, or emotional health to advocate for themselves."

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